What the Jyotishi said

A Jyotishi is an Indian Vedic astrologer. When I was in India in 2003, I had my chart read and the Jyotishi told me (through an interpreter as he didn't speak English) that he could see that I was a warrior and that the reason I was having my health problems was that I had been a warrior in my previous life too and I had killed one man too many. The last man I had killed didn't deserve to die and I should have spared him!

Now I had to pay, but being a warrior I would be able to deal with the adversity my condition would bring. Warrior spirit.

I related this story at my 6th dan grading and also referred to Dr Kimm's philosophy that all martial arts (and any other activity) contains 3 elements - body, mind and technique. Even if the body component is less than it should be (as in a disabled martial artist's case) the other 2 components - mind & technique - can still be enough to triumph.

Ganesha: Remover of obstacles and presiding deity of Jyotish.

Also known as Aumkara, the AUM shaped body.


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