The One-Armed Swordsman is a 1967 Shaw Brothers Studio Hong Kong martial arts drama film.



The Golden Sword school is attacked by bandits. The servant Fang Cheng sacrifices his life to protect his master Qi Rufeng. In gratitude, Qi Rufeng accepts the dying Fang Cheng's son, Fang Gang, as his student. Years later, Fang Gang is scorned by his snobbish fellow students because of his poor background. Deciding that he will only cause trouble for his master Fang Gang leaves the school only to run into his classmates and his master's spoiled daughter, Pei-er. In the ensuing fight Fang Gang's right arm is cut off by Pei-er, who is angry at being defeated by him. Stumbling away, Fang Gang falls off a bridge into the passing boat of a peasant girl Hsiao Man..

Hsiao Man nurses him back to health and the two fall in love. Fang Gang is nevertheless depressed as he is unable to practice his swordsmanship. Reluctantly, Hsiao Man gives him a half burnt kung-fu manual which she had inherited from her now dead parents. With its help Fang Gang is able to master a new one-armed style of swordplay, making him stronger than before.




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